About us

The Foreign Languages Faculty, which provides training for specialists of foreign languages for all spheres of life, was founded in 1994 on the basis of the Department of Foreign Languages at the Faculty of Philology of KSU named after E.A. Buketov. The structure of the faculty includes 4 departments, the Center for Chinese Language and Culture, a research laboratory on problems of language education.

MISSION: Training of multilingual specialists for all spheres of life, adaptive to modern global challenges

VISION: seeking leadership in foreign language training

OUR VALUES: Kazakh patriotism, integrity, academic freedom, professionalism, global citizenship, healthy thinking, emotional intelligence, openness


- competent personnel of the faculty: the teaching process is provided by highly qualified faculty members who have completed internships in the countries of the languages studied. They are more than 100 teachers: 5 holders of the title "Best Teacher" among PTC, Doctor of Science and PhD, Candidates of Science and Associate Professors, Masters of Science. The faculty traditionally employs foreign specialists from Germany, France, China, South Korea, Italy. This year the faculty has a teacher of English, Doctor of Philosophy V. Sartor (USA); Professor of Italian, Master in Didactica of Italian as a Foreign Language, Paolo Mantraci (Italy).

- ensuring continuity and continuity of foreign language studies: bachelor's degree, master 's degree, doctoral degree.

- implementation of a joint educational program with the University of Shihetze (PRC): every year, since 2015, Chinese students have been studying at the Faculty.

- implementation of dual-level education: since 2016, the Faculty of Foreign Languages has been implementing dual-level EP together with NSPU (Russia).

- implementation of educational programs in English: in the master 's degree since 2018 the EP in English "Foreign language: two foreign languages" is implemented.

- continuous modernization of EP content: since 2019 - new EP "Russian language for foreign students."

- introduction of innovative forms of education: since 2019 the Faculty has been training in distance educational technology (DET).

- positive image in education market: annual increase in the contingent of students (the contingent of students was made in the current year by 1161 persons), high percent of employment of graduates. In 2019, the employment rate of graduates is 90.6%: Foreign language: two foreign languages 87%, Foreign philology - 85%, Translation - 100%.

- practical - oriented training, which is implemented due to the functioning of branches of departments (gymnasium № 97, regional specialized boarding school named after N.Nurmakov), carrying out on the basis of branches visiting classes, organization of SWST on the basis of branches, involvement of teachers-practitioners to conduct classes at the faculty.

- the existence of a dissertation council on the specialty "Foreign language: two foreign languages," the result of which was the defense of 6 doctors of philosophy.

- High EP positions in national ratings (NKAOKO, NAAR): in 2019: bachelor 's degree (NKAOKO rating) - "Foreign language: two foreign languages" - 5 place; "Foreign philology" - 2 place; "Translation case" - 3 place; Master 's degree (NKAOKO rating) - "Foreign language: two foreign languages" - 2 place; "Foreign philology" - 2 place; Doctoral studies (NAAR rating) - "Foreign language: two foreign languages" - 2 place.

- availability of grant financing at the Faculty: in different years scientific projects were implemented at the Faculty. In 2015-2017, 2 scientific projects funded by the Ministry of Education and Development of Kazakhstan were implemented, and 2 scientific projects are currently being implemented (2018-2020).

- study at the Faculty of Foreign Students, implementation of academic mobility: the Faculty develops academic mobility of students at universities in the USA, Germany, France, China, Czech Republic, Spain, Romania, Russia and other countries of the world in accordance with the Strategy of internationalization and academic mobility of Kazakhstan until 2020, annually receive training within the framework of the program of academic mobility.

- a powerful material and technical base: the faculty is equipped with a material and technical base, represented by computer classes, specialized rooms with modern multimedia and interactive complexes.

- availability of the Faculty Graduates` Association.

- certification and accreditation of Faculty OPs: all Faculty EPs have undergone accreditation procedure: national and international (NKAOKO, ACQUIN).

- realization of international cooperation: the faculty maintains close ties with international organizations: the German academic exchange service DAAD, the Society for Support and Development of German language Goethe-Institut, the French Alliance, the Linguistic Center at the Embassy of France in Kazakhstan, the British Council, etc.

 Achievements of the Faculty are marked in different years by diplomas of KarSU named after E.A. Buketov:

• Diploma of quality of I degree for quality training of specialists (2006, 2007);

• Diploma "For exemplary educational and socio-cultural work" (2005, 2006);

• Diploma "Best student group of KarSU" (2007);

• Diploma "Best Educational Process Organization" (2004, 2010, 2012, 2014, 2018);

• Grand Prix in the nomination "For the best organization of the educational process" in 2015-2016 academic year.