Educational work

Educational work with students is one of the most important directions of educational activities of the Faculty of Foreign Languages.

The main goal of educational work is to maximize the involvement of students in purposefully organized activities that contribute to the realization of their intellectual, moral, creative and physical potential, to promote the formation of a fully developed and harmonious personality of the learner through creating conditions for the formation of a professionally and socially competent personality of a student capable of creativity possessing high culture and civil responsibility.

The explanatory work and propaganda of the annual Addresses of the RK President to the people of Kazakhstan are constantly being conducted.

The system of student self-government functions as a form of organization, designed to express interests and protect the rights of young people, to participate in the development of various social projects and programs that contribute to the formation of corporate spirit, the skills of modern management and the enhancement of civil responsibility. Student self-government is realized through the activities of youth associations:

Committee for Youth

Student organization, designed to promote the implementation of the youth policy of the Republic of Kazakhstan; students, activists of the faculty organize events, take an active part in the preparation and conduct of creative performances and celebrations.

Composition of the asset YC

Presentation of letters of thanks, dedicated to the celebration of the 25th anniversary of Independence of the Republic of Kazakhstan, from dean of the faculty to student activists


Student Parliament

Representative body of student self-government at the E.A.Buketov KSU, whose tasks and content are to assist the leadership of the faculty in the conduct of educational and social policies. Our deputies of the Student Parliament constantly participate in round tables, discussions, hold meetings with students.

Elections to the student parliament

Alliance of Faculty Students

Voluntary student movement, the main purpose of which is to solve legal, socio-economic and everyday problems of student youth and actively participate in the formation of independent Kazakhstan. Most of the students of the faculty are involved in this direction, including students who study within the framework of the social project «Мәңгілік Ел – жастары индустрияға! Серпін – 2050»».

Students annually hold charitable events, visiting children's homes, nursing homes and other organizations

Students-volunteers of the Olympic torch relay, the 28th World University game Almaty-2017

Student council of hostels

Student council of the hostel is called upon to solve problems of improving the life and life of students living in hostels. Various intellectual and creative events are held under the auspices of the "Hostel - my second home"

School of young civil servant

A youth public association that implements the state youth policy with regard to the formation of a personnel reserve of state bodies with the involvement of the most active and promising youth leaders in the public service, and the provision of assistance in the professional growth of young people.

Headquarters of student construction, labor and pedagogical units

Student labor organization, solving the problem of providing students with work in the summer. Opportunities to work in construction squads «Жасыл Ел», summer camps as counselors in the children's health and entertainment center "Discovery".

The team of students of the building squad «Жасыл Ел»

Clubs of interests

A public organization that unites students in order to communicate on the basis of joint scientific, intellectual, artistic and sports interests; our students take an active part in such clubs as: the debating club, the intellectual club "What? Where? When? ", CSM Club (Kazakh and Russian leagues), sports clubs.

Festival of CSM

Inter-faculty student sports relay race

Newspaper of the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​on VK page

A group in a social network with a huge number of student subscribers, which highlights the issues of student life. Thanks to the efforts of the youth, the newspaper pleases its readers with interesting and informative materials.

Creative associations at the E.A.Buketov Karaganda State University

Voluntary associations of students, fans of various types of artistic creativity, contributing to the development and creation of cultural values. Participation in creative teams is carried out in their free time and represents a form of active social and cultural-leisure activities.

The Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​provides its students with opportunities for interesting and unforgettable activities outside of classrooms. Each semester, students independently conduct a variety of activities, such as:

Round table dedicated to the Day of the First President


Charity events

Creative language competition «Matinee»


Mister and Miss Faculty


Annual summarizing of the faculty "FLF awards"

Annual summarizing of the year at the faculty

Self-administration Вay


The festive concert "March 8"


Holiday event "Nauryz-Meiramy"


Quiz "Life in KSU"


English Club


Intellectual game "Battle of Minds"


Photo contest and photo exhibitions on various subjects


Festive event "Dedication to students"


Sport games

Participation of teachers and students of the faculty in the action " The veteran next door"




Our achievements in the public life of the faculty, university and region


Diploma of the 1st degree in the university competition «Тілге құрмет - елге құрмет», dedicated to the Day of Languages ​​of the Peoples of the Republic of Kazakhstan (2013, 2014, 2015, 2016)

Diploma of the 1st degree in the city debate tournament with the motto "We are not for sale" within the framework of the youth festival "We are against corruption" organized by the Agency of the Republic of Kazakhstan Agency for Civil Service and Anti-Corruption in the Karaganda region (2015)

Diploma of the 1st degree in the university Olympiad dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the Assembly of the People of Kazakhstan and the 550th anniversary of the Kazakh Khanate among students of various nationalities «Мәнгілік ел» (2015)

Diploma of 1 degree in university creative competition for the best poster for the promotion of a healthy lifestyle (2015)

Diploma of 1 degree in the inter-faculty sports sports event in basketball (2015)

 Diploma of the 1st degree in the university competition of youth multimedia presentations "Energy of the Future" in support of the International Specialized Exhibition "EXPO-2017" (2016)

Diploma of the 2nd degree in the annual competition of freshmen «Жас талап» (2014)

Diploma of 2 degrees in the inter-faculty sports Olympics in chess (2015)

Diploma of 2 degrees in inter-faculty sports sports competition in volleyball (2015)

Diploma 2 degrees in the regional festival "Youth - the future of Kazakhstan" - competition of social videos (2015)

Diploma of the 2nd degree in the city competition of creative essays on the topic "Keep in the Hearts of the Great Victory" (2015).

Diploma of 2 degrees in the university competition of patriotic song «Жас сұңқар» (2016)

Diploma 3 degrees in the university intellectual tournament "What? Where? When?", dedicated to counteracting corruption and promoting "zero tolerance" for violations - the team of the Faculty of Foreign Languages "Brainstorm"(2015)

Diploma for active participation in the regional tour of the republican contest of young performers and leading show programs «Жас қанат – 2016»

The diploma for active participation in interuniversity competition of student's social projects "Innovative approach to social sphere" (2016)

 The diploma for the most vivid performance in the regional festival of national cultures, dedicated to the Holiday of Unity of the People of Kazakhstan «Біз – бір ел, бір халықпыз!» – «Мы – одна страна, один народ!»  (2016)

The diploma for active participation in the university competition of the military-patriotic song «Жас Ұлан», dedicated to the Day of the Defender of the Fatherland, the Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War (2016)

University Festival «Аламан» among students studying on the social project «Мәнгілік Ел жастары – индустрияға!» - «Серпін-2050»


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