Faculty history

Training of specialists in foreign languages at KSU named after academician E.A. Buketov began in 1991 at the department of foreign languages at the faculty of philology. The first set was carried out in the specialty «German language».

In the early 90s, due to the beginning of dramatic changes in the socio-political life of the country, the need for specialists with knowledge of foreign languages increased sharply, which caused the need to transform the existing department of foreign languages in 1994 into an independent faculty of foreign languages.

The first Dean of the faculty of foreign languages was doctor of Philology, Professor N. I. Buketova.

The formation and rapid development of the faculty is associated with the name of the doctor of pedagogical sciences, professor B.A. Zhetpisbaeva, who led the faculty from 1998 to 2019.

Speaking about the history of the faculty, it is impossible not to say about those who stood at its origins: Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor N. I. Buketova, Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences, Professor B.A. Zhetpisbayeva, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor G.K. Tleuzhanova, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Docent V. O. Ten, Candidate of Philological Sciences, Docent F. A. Kakzhanova, Docents B. Zh. Zhankina, Zh. A. Karazbayev, senior lecturers L. A. Turumbetova, R. Zh. Jangunakova, I. V. Rosoha. A small team of teachers then managed to successfully overcome all the difficulties of the organizational stage and lay the foundations of the future promising faculty.

During the existence of the faculty there have been numerous changes in its structure: at different times the heads of departments worked Candidate of Philological Sciences, Docent F. A. Kakzhanova, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor Sh. M. Mazhitaeva, Doctor of Philological Sciences, Professor G.I. Isina, Candidate of Philological Sciences S.Kh. Zhakupova, Candidate of Philological Sciences Z.M. Mazhit, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences U.I. Kopzhasarova, Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences E.A. Uteubayeva, senior lecturers Zh.A. Kagazbayev, M.U. Nurzhanova, B.K. Ayazbekova.

A vivid confirmation of the timeliness of the creation of the faculty is the constant growth of the contingent of students and teachers. If in the first years there was only one Department of Romano-Germanic Philology (head of Department, senior teacher Zh. A. Karazbayev), at present the faculty has 4 departments, which employ more than 100 teachers of English, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Italian languages. The first graduation at the faculty was carried out in 1996: in April, the first stream with a five – year term of study in the specialty «German language», in July-the second stream with a four-year term of study in the specialties «German language», «English language». The number of graduates amounted to 63 people.

As the faculty developed new specialties were opened and the model of multilevel education was introduced:
• 1991 – German language
• 1992 – English language
• 1996 – French language
• 1999 – Foreign Philology (English Philology, German Philology)
• 2001 – French Philology
• 2001 – Translation
• 2012 – Chinese Philology.

The faculty began training masters in specialties:
• Foreign language: two foreign languages (2006)
• Foreign Philology (2009)

In 2013, a cooperation agreement was signed with Shihezi University (China)

In 2014, the doctoral program in the specialty 6D011900 – Foreign language: two foreign languages was opened.

Every year the demand for specialties of the faculty increases, which in a short time became one of the prestigious faculties of the University. During its short history, the faculty has trained more than 5,000 school teachers, University teachers, philologists, translators, meeting the needs of the region in highly qualified specialists with knowledge of foreign languages. Among the graduates of the faculty of different years are citizens of Russia, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, China, Turkey, Italy. Graduates of the faculty successfully work in all regions of Kazakhstan, near and far abroad as teachers of foreign languages, teachers of higher educational institutions, translators and specialists of various levels in the Embassies of the United States, Germany, France, in international missions accredited in the Republic of Kazakhstan. The desire to improve allows the staff of the faculty to put forward and successfully implement new ideas. The faculty initiated a Republican (2006, 2007, 2008) and international student Olympiads in foreign languages (2016, 2017); implementation-level model of teaching foreign languages at non-linguistic specialties of the University (2004), the implementation of the program of multilingual education (2008.) charity fairs (2018, 2019), publishing the student newspaper (2019).

The faculty of foreign languages today is a close-knit team with its inherent corporate spirit, it is:
• more than 1000 students, undergraduates, doctoral students;
• more than 100 teachers of English, German, French, Chinese, Arabic, Korean, Italian;
• 9 bachelors’, master’s and doctoral degrees;
• 4 departments;
• Chinese language and culture center;
• Research laboratory on problems of language education;
• library with a large collection of books in foreign languages;
• modern material and technical base;
• Association of graduates of the FLF.