Scientific areas

Scientific research laboratory on the problems of language education of KSU named after E.A.Buketov was created according to the order no.310 from 19 March in 2013 on the base of faculty of foreign languages.

The scientific research activities of teachers of foreign languages faculty are carried out in the following areas:

Scientific research activities are aimed at planning, organizing and providing research, training highly qualified scientific staff, developing and implementing research results in the educational process.

The faculty has a scientific research laboratory on the problems of language education (Download (Power point) ) on the basis of which 2 research projects have been carried out under the grant financing of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan: - 2015-2017 - Scientific and methodological support of early teaching of foreign languages (supervisor: D.Ed., professor B.A Zhetpisbayeva); - 2015-2017 - Scientific and methodological support of continuous language training of engineering staff in a multilingual education (college-university) (supervisor: D.Ed., professor B.A. Zhetpisbayeva).

At present, 2 scientific projects are being implemented at the laboratory within the framework of grant financing of the MES of the Republic of Kazakhstan: - 2018-2020 - Cognitive and axiological foundations for modeling discourse in the East-West value matrix: in the framework of foreign language education (supervisor: DLitt., professor Isina G.I.); - 2018-2020 - Legitimacy of development and functioning of the categoryspecies in the Kazakh language and its comparative analysis with the category of the English language (supervisor: Cand. Sc. Philology, associate professor Kakzhanova F.A.).

The results of research in the framework of scientific projects from 2013 to 2019 were reflected in 5 monographs, more than 15 articles indexed in the Scopus and Web of Science database, more than 50 articles in domestic and foreign publications, in materials of international and regional conferences.

And over the past 5 years, there were also 5 PhD doctoral and more than 50 master's theses. Currently, research is being conducted in the framework of 18 PhD doctoral and 20 master's theses

Both the faculty and students take an active part in the scientific life of the faculty. Students have great opportunities for the development of their own scientific, intellectual and creative potential. The faculty conducts its work “Science Club of the Faculty of Foreign Languages”, which serves to broaden the involvement of students inscientific research activity. The main tasks of the science club:

The results of the work of the Student Science Club and the Council of Young Scientists show the growth in the level of theoretical and practical training, victory in scientific events, such as Olympiads, competitions, regional, national and international level, which positively effectson the competence of students and the image of the faculty

The faculty actively participates in the organization of Olympiads, competitions of scientific and research works of international level, where students from near and far abroad take an active part.

In 2016, the International Scientific Forum "Language Education in the Context of Social Transformation of Modern Society" was attended by representatives of foreign organizations and embassies.

In 2017, the International Student Olympiad in multilingualism among students of pedagogical specialtieswas organized in conjunction with the OSCE.

In 2019, the International Student Olympiad in Foreign Languages was organized.

In 2019, the International Competition of scientific works among students, graduate students, doctoral students on the problems of linguistics and linguodidactics was organized

Within the framework of the Olympiad, master classes were held on the following topics:

From 2019 on the faculty of foreign languages there is dissertation council of the defence of a doctoral thesis for conferring of a degree doctor PhD with a degree in 6D011900 - «Foreign language: two foreign languages»